NameWorld Flipper
PublisherKakao Games Corp.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gold & Cash >
VersionVersion 0.0.30
SizeVaries with device
Requires4.1 and up
Updated OnSep 30, 2021

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World Flipper

It all started when the coming together of two lost souls caused a shift in the cosmos,
and all the planets revealed themselves in their full splendor…

A boy and a girl met in a forgotten village, a mote of dust lost in an infinite sky.
He couldn't remember his past, and she couldn't picture her future.

For a while, they dwelt together in peace and friendship,
until fate struck like a bolt of lightning, bringing with it power that would change their lives forever.

That power came in the form of Light, once a great champion from a distant world, now transformed into a rabbit-like creature.
He was being pursued by agents of the Dark Throne.
As if to rouse the boy and girl to fight back against that malignant force, the village shifted and rumbled.
Then the girl spoke the following words:

“World Flipper activated.”

So goes the prologue of a worlds-spanning epic about one boy, one girl, and one small animal.

World Flipper GamePlay

Plunge accros vast world.

Slaim into the villainous foes.

Bump into new friends.

Combo your skill with team synergy.

Sling into realtime co-op dungeons.


Everything you love about pinball packed into an action RPG! Experience pinball like you never have before!


Ready, aim, fire! Time your attacks right and crush your foes before they know what hit 'em. Activate skills to maximize damage!


Travel across several worlds, each with its own friends to meet and mysteries to unravel!

Overall, a pretty good experience long-term. And a pretty casual game at most, because sometimes the time needed to spend all of your stamina depends on the bosses. Most of the time it'll take about 10-15 minutes at Lvl 60+. Even though, most people often complain about the re-roll system that were made harder. But that's pretty much it, yes it could get tedious to Re-download the whole game's data/Create multiple account to bind it. And personally, I didn't re-rolled that much either.

The streets are lined up with grinning jack-o-lanterns. The chilling wind and rain are picking up, leading to cozy nights spent at home, playing World Flipper. October is here and with it our new community events! Get ready to battle scary bosses, find out more about your favorite units, and impress us with your creative writing! Watch this space as more events will be added throughout the month.

How to Find your Player ID and Region

Before we slide into the events, we must explain how to find your Player ID and Region. This is part of your entry. Without it, your entry could be disqualified and we would not be able to send the rewards to you, so do not forget to include it!

Player ID (12 digit number): Tap on Menu > Account Info > Next to PID tap the “Copy” button to copy your Player ID and then you can paste it in the tweet.

Region (America or Europe): Tap on Menu > Account Info > under “Region” it will say what region you are in. Make sure to include this in the tweet too.

Example Entry Format: 123456789012, America

Evolution is powerful! A maid turned into a princess, a bat turned into a vampire, and some of your Units turned into a stronger form! Isn’t it wonderful to see your Units grow into themselves? They start without memories, confused but ready to fight, only to evolve into strong and independent warriors at the end of their evolution. Show us your Unit’s progress and get a chance to win 500 Lodestar Beads! 

MOD Version


MOD Features

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Cash

Download World Flipper Mod [Latest 2021 Version]


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